Sunday, April 11, 2010

Historical Twitter

After yesterdays post I decided it might be fun to see if there were any sites or projects out there that used “Twitter” for historical events. After a little searching, I found a site called The site contains what is mainly one liners and humorous thoughts from various “famous people”

While they do not have actual lessons on the site, I think that it could be used as a base and it would be easy for a teacher to take a concept and have students develop tweets from different groups of people during an event. Students could explore how different groups would react to an event and the spin they put on it with their tweet. Are they happy about what has happened? Upset? Confused? Students could explain the reason behind the tweet and why this character would have reacted that way. It is just another way to try to get the students to connect with concepts and content on another level, which is always our goal as educators.

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  1. Historical Tweets is a great way for kids to connect on a deeper level with historical figures. Resources like this are what bring history to life. Great idea!